MAY/24 Status Update

Current Progress

CityConflicts -> WarAmongTheStars

  • Playtest for City Conflicts was cancelled due to lack of interest.
  • Shifted to War Among the Stars which is basically the same thing, just was playtesting the strategic instead of hero/character layer.
  • Playtest is currently locked at 5 players, 1 co-gm as a run of the concept. We’ll see if it has legs or not. So far the response has been more like I’d expect from a more game-focused product that has no handwritten narrative support. So I may swap to the tactical + idle strategy version and lean hard on it being a normal mobile-esque game instead of a hybrid narrative/game thing that may not have an actual market.

Other Projects

  • I’ve decided to include all my non-work projects under this psuedonym to minimize the workload of maintaining a public work persona / private gaming persona.
  • Main psuedonym projects are infrastructure related + a remote work jobs board.
  • This may result in this blog’s projects being under my resume and partially / completely open sourced. We’ll see if that happens since these are ultimately side projects for me to work on stuff that I’d only try to get serious about if they get traction.

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