JUN/24 Status Update

Current Progress

July Hiatus

July is gonna be a hiatus as I’m leaving town shortly and won’t be active again until late July (~1 month). Its not exactly month start to month end sort of timing but its gonna be close enough for hobby work.


  • Activity has been lackluster, likely do to the half-complete MVP nature of a single vertical slice. I think missing most of the components of a typical 4X grand strategy style game (exploitation, exploration, expansion) is likely the culprit so I’m gonna double down on building out very simple versions of the other game systems for v2 and hope we at least test the more complex combat system with automated combat I was trying to test in v1.
  • These things are ultimately me gambling time for a positive response.
  • v2 building is underway but alot like CityConflicts the reason the subsystems were dropped for v1 is the time commitment is significant when you’ve only got 6-10 hours to commit to side projects in a week of actual coding time.

Other Projects

  • I’ve dropped the non-game related projects for the moment due to time constraints. I’d like to build out some proper infrastructure stuff.
  • I’m building out a CYOA-style game based very loosely on CK2 quest mechanics as a proof of concept for a limited mechanics, emphasis on letting the AI do the fluff/writing. It kinda works, kinda doesn’t. It just depends on the prompts + the reaction of the AI to said prompts. The ones where I do light editing probably could function without editing if people understood the nature of the LLM space and had experience with regenerating as needed.

Dev Blogs in PBBG Discord

I’ve discontinued these as there doesn’t seem to be much interested due to the hybrid nature of my goals. (i.e. Narrative RP + PBBG)

I may resume that if someone there gets my attention in the future but one blog is enough really.