I am just a working adult interested in making various types of slow grand stratengy and/or roleplay games. We don’t have the time to dedicated to these games like we used to so something that is a 30 minute commitment once a days is the goal.

Semi-related to the above (basically gaps in easy to maintain/simple things I want), I’ll probably build some dev-ops / personal-ops type stuff but no idea if I’ll make it usable for a wider audience.

Idle Interactive Backup Location

Currently MIA. Might do github, might make my own failover location using a backup CDN + VM.

Idle Interactive Chat Servers

Community Discord

Backup IRC Channel - #idleinteractive

  • IRC is only actively monitored during discord outages / issues.
  • Security issues should be reported to abydon@ this domain via e-mail.

Build in Public

IdleInteractive Dashboards

IdleInteractive Status

While the infrastructure is provisioned, these are highly unstable/experimental stuff right now so don’t expect much (or even them to be up)

I’ve not really provisioned dev environments or anything for them.

Idle Interactive Unified Feedback Site

City Conflicts Play Test - Just a public github project. It’ll be source available and/or open source. Exactly when tbd.

City Conflicts - Main Project for 2024

City Conflicts is a fantasy grand strategy rolepaying game where you lead a Great House to victory over its rivals.

Currently it is in closed development / testing.

  • Space Opera is planned to be simulationist/hard core with a kitchen sink of features and background simulations of populations of NPCs. Basically, the 30 minute commitment is only going to be possible after many hours of learning how the thing works.

Abydon’s Social Media

GitHub + IdleInteractive’s GitHub

  • Very Minimal right now as I have no people interested in contributing code so no point in open source, yet.
  • Even if no contributors, I plan to release some stuff I’m using (tooling/process wise) that doesn’t risk people overspending on abused calls to a per-request charging LLM.


  • An (eventually) daily log of commits, project metrics, and other stats.
  • Will probably add important stuff like Release Announcements and such as well.